State PAC Resource

Step 1: Starting from Scratch

  • Determine the need for a state PAC and a timeframe for implementation. As chapters continue to see more activity at the state legislative level on issues that impact radiology, the need to develop a PAC has become more and more apparent.
  • Get approval from the chapter board (and members) for the establishment of a PAC.
  • Register with the state and identify an administrator for filing reports. It is important to know and understand the state laws regarding a PAC. Each state has different laws, below is a list of Web sites for each state's campaign finance office.
  • Create bylaws. This step provides a general framework for the activities of the PAC.
  • Designate a board member to oversee operations. It is important to have a chapter board member monitor the activities of the PAC and provide reports to the chapter leadership and the chapter membership as a whole.

Step 2: Raising Money

  • Agree to a "philosophy" for how the PAC is administered. A philosophy outlines the chapter's approach on how decisions will be made as to which state legislators' campaigns to give contributions and how and who to solicit from the chapter.
  • Create a flexible fundraising plan. Keep in mind that as your chapter dynamics change, so might your fundraising plan and philosophy for your PAC.
  • Introduce the PAC to chapter members. Show your members why the PAC is important to them. They must understand how state legislative issues can impact them and must also understand that the best way to have their voice heard and their profession protected is by having the political influence a PAC can provide.
  • Communicate regularly to members via a newsletter or Web site. The more you can keep your chapter members updated on your PAC activities, the more engaged they will feel and, therefore, the more likely they will be to support the PAC.
  • Solicit money. There are many approaches to raising funds. Below are a few examples:
    1. Use enrollment cards or dues.
    2. Develop online and e-mail options.
    3. Create incentive clubs with suggested levels of giving.
    4. Plan a recognition and reward system for contributors.
    5. Train peer solicitors.

Step 3: External Visibility (and Spending Money)

  • Host informational events about your chapter and invite state legislators. The best way to inform state legislators about your chapter and the profession is to invite them to a meeting or series of events. Discuss with your legislators the issues that impact the profession and the impact those issues have on the community as a whole. Most state legislators are part-time legislators and are not experts on all the various issues confronting them. You are the expert in the medical field and can provide them a unique perspective on how things really work.
  • Identify key legislators important to health or radiology issues and start giving to their campaigns. Don't just give to any state legislator; be strategic in identifying those state legislators who work on health issues on various committees in the legislature. These are the legislators who will drive the policy that will impact you and your profession.

Step 4: End of the year

  • Evaluate and assess your PAC process.
  • Request member feedback.
RADPAC wants to thank you for your support and looks forward to working with you in the future. If you have any questions, please contact Ted Burnes, director of RADPAC, at (888) 295-8843 or via e-mail at