Difference Between RADPAC and State PAC



RADPAC is the bipartisan, multicandidate political action committee of the American College of Radiology Association (ACRa).

RADPAC’s goal is to support and elect pro-radiology candidates at the federal level through the voluntary contributions of dues-paying ACRa members.

RADPAC only engages in federal election activity and these activities are governed by the Federal Election Commission.

State Political Action Committees

In an effort to get more involved at the state level, ACR chapters are creating their own state political action committees (PACs).

While some of these state PACs are referred to as a “state RADPAC”, these state PACs are separate entities from the College’s federal RADPAC.

Each state has its own set of campaign finance laws that govern the activities of a state PAC. Most of the time, the state’s Secretary of State office governs the filing and activities of state PACs.

To learn more about starting a State PAC, please go to: State PAC Resource.

Why Both are Important

Since legislation occurs at both the state and federal levels, it is important to make sure the voice of radiology is heard at both levels. There are overlaps at the federal and state levels on some legislative issues, such as medical liability reform and self-referral. However, there are also legislative issues unique to each level of government that require the political involvement of radiologists.

Since RADPAC only contributes to candidates at the federal level, it is important for states to develop state PACs to ensure the profession of radiology is preserved and protected at the state level.

In order for the College’s interests to be represented on Capitol Hill among the many competing physician specialty organizations, it is imperative that RADPAC remain competitive with the amount of funds it raises in order to get access to members of Congress.

Click here for a reference guide with contact information to inquire further on State PACs.

For more questions, contact Ted Burnes at RADPAC at 1 (888) 295-8843 or via e-mail at: tburnes@acr.org.