Senator John Cornyn

Senator John Cornyn has proven himself to be a champion for Texans when it comes to healthcare issues.

● Medical Device Tax Repeal
Senator Cornyn is an original co-sponsor of legislation to repeal a 2.3% excise tax on medical devices, buried in President Obama's health care bill which would raise $20 billion in revenue - something the Secretary of Health and Human Services called "modest." Economists found this new tax would result in 43,000 lost jobs and $3.5 billion in lost wages and benefits. As a result of this tax, American manufacturers and research companies will pay the price, potentially moving their operations overseas and taking their jobs with them. Worse, patients who rely on everything from cardiac stents to artificial knees will not only see higher costs, but technological advances that could help these patients into the future will be slowed with this new financial burden. “The medical device tax was included in PPACA to pay for trillions of dollars in additional government spending. This tax will limit innovation and harm patient access to advanced medical devices,” said Cornyn. “We must repeal this tax, which has already cost us American jobs and economic investment.”

● Enact Tort Reform
Senator John Cornyn is a strong supporter of tort reform legislation to prevent expensive and frivolous lawsuits that unnecessarily drive up health care costs and insurance rates. Because medical professionals fear being slapped with a lawsuit, often times through no fault of their own, they are forced to order unnecessary additional tests and procedures which ultimately costs the health care system between $84-$115 billion every year according to the American Medical Association. In 60% of these cases, the plaintiff drops the lawsuit without payment, but medical professionals still must pay expensive legal fees that averaged roughly $22,000 in 2008. Medical liability reform has worked in Texas and should be a model for the entire nation during the continued debate of health care reform in the country.

● Patient/Physician Relationship Instead of Faceless Bureaucrats

The Independent Payment Advisory Board (IPAB) was created under PPACA to control costs in Medicare. If convened, the 15-member panel would recommend targeted provider cuts if growth in Medicare spending exceeds a certain level. A recent report by the Congressional Research Service said that Secretary Kathleen Sebelius is required to step in if the IPAB fails to make its recommendations. Either proposal would be "fast-tracked" through Congress — a situation that has rightly drawn criticism from Senator Cornyn who believes it undermines the legislature's role. Senator Cornyn has fought to protect the patient/physician relationship and to minimize the unnecessary role of the government to impose policies on providers that adversely impacts their ability to care for their patients.