Protect the Future of Your Profession!
Make a difference with RADTOBERFEST 2018!


Now more than ever in this uncertain healthcare climate, it is imperative that we remain engaged in political advocacy efforts. Make no mistake, what happens on Capitol Hill impacts our professional livelihood.  We are the next generation of radiologists and it will be up to us to ensure our profession has a bright and sustainable future.

We have had important victories in recent years, including $352 million saved over 10 years by reducing the Multiple Payment Procedure Reduction (MPPR) cut so that the professional component to an advanced imaging examination (MRI, CT, US) performed on the same patient on the same day will not result in a reduction of payment by 25%! Because of the congressional passing of the critical legislation of MPPR, that reimbursement cut has dwindled to only 5%! This advocacy battle took RADPAC 5 years to win but it was certainly worth the time and investment to ensure appropriate reimbursement for same day imaging services.

How can you assist in ensuring our future profession remains secure and thrives? Easy - participate in RADPAC’s 5th annual fall fundraising campaign: RADTOBERFEST. RADTOBERFEST kicks off on October 1st. We encourage all to contribute and encourage your colleagues to do the same. This year, we are adding a twist to the campaign where the RFS will battle against the YPS and the attendings will compete against one another state-by-state! The minimum donation for an RFS’er to participate is $25 for first time donors and $15 for those who already make recurring contributions. YPS’ers must contribute $40 to participate. That recurring contribution can be as little as $5 (equivalent to your daily coffee from Starbucks). As always, the attendings (not YPS status) must make a $50 contribution.

Both the training program with the most resident/fellow contributors and the group/institution with the most YPS contributors will each win a free pizza party, courtesy of RADPAC, your photo on the RADPAC website, and of course monumental bragging rights!


Additionally, for those who attend RSNA, an open bar reception will be held at Brando Speakeasy Karaoke Bar from 10PM-Midnight on Monday, November 26th. For those who would like to attend the event and aren’t able to donate beforehand, a contribution of $30 at the door for RFS and $45 at the door for YPS will grant you access to the open bar. This is sure to be the premiere advocacy (and social) event at RSNA!


Contributions can be made here. Additionally, the direct link will be provided via RADPAC social media channels.


The official campaign will begin on Monday, October 1st and end on Election Day, Tuesday, November 6th

Even in training and as a young radiologist, your contribution makes a monumental difference. The stakes are exceedingly high, and each of us must do our part in ensuring our future is bright!

For questions or more information, contact Ted Burnes at: tburnes@acr.org.


  • Only contributors in October 2018 will count.
  • Minimum RFS Contribution: $25.*
  • Minimum YPS Contribution: $40

 What’s At Stake:

  • If RFS has more contributors, RADPAC will donate $500 to the Resident Fellow Section.
  • If YPS have more contributors, RADPAC will donate $500 to the Young Professionals Section. 
  • Regardless of whom wins, the department or practice with the most YPS contributors and the department with the most RFS contributors will win a pizza party courtesy of RADPAC. 

*Residents and Fellows that donated previously in 2018 can donate $15 to count for RADtoberfest. Any RFS member that signs up for a $5/month recurring contribution will also count, and if you are already set up for a recurring contribution, as long as one of those contributions occurs in October, that will count towards the competition!