March Chapter Challenge Blog Post

Win Your Chapter Money from RADPAC

 Arguably the most exciting time of year in college sports will soon be upon us: March Madness. This also means that it’s time for RADPAC's (our specialty’s bipartisan political action committee affiliated with the American College of Radiology Association) annual March Chapter Challenge Campaign (formerly known as March Madness), where residents, fellows, and attending Radiologists from each of the state radiological societies face off to claim the title for most new contributors! Last year’s winners were Rhode Island, South Carolina, Utah, and Virginia. Which states will take home the Win in 2018?

The rules have slightly changed this year:

The campaign starts March 1st and ends March 31st. Instead of each new RADPAC contributor in the first 2 weeks of March earning 1 point and each new RADPAC contributor in the second 2 weeks of March earning 2 points, each RADPAC contributor in the entire month of March will earn 1 point towards their state’s radiological society. States will continue to be broken into brackets (based on chapter size) to determine which state can come out on top with the most participants. There will be 5 divisions instead of 4 like previous years.

Not only is state pride and bragging rights on the line, but also is $500 from RADPAC to each of the division winners!

No contribution amount is too small to count in the Campaign.

For more information on the March Madness Campaign, click here:

Last year, we had a record breaking March Madness Campaign thanks to your tireless dedication to our profession. But the stakes are higher, and we must ensure our voices are resoundingly heard on Capitol Hill in a current climate of healthcare uncertainty and increasingly competitive medical subspecialty environment. Join in promoting positive and meaningful change for our patients and profession!