RADTOBERFEST 2018 - YPS Success!

RADPAC held its 5th annual RADTOBERFEST Challenge from October 1 – November 6. This year the RFS had 118 and YPS had 159 contributors. This marks the first time in the history of the RADTOBEFEST Challenge that YPS has defeated RFS with more contributors. Both the YPS and RFS had a record-breaking number of contributors participate from their respective sections. The RADTOBEFEST Challenge totaled over $30,000 in contributions!

Those who participated in the RADTOBERFEST Challenge are eligible to attend RADPAC’s open bar reception at RSNA at Brando Speakeasy Karaoke Bar from 10PM-Midnight on Monday, November 26th. 

For those who would like to attend the event but did not contribute during the RADTOBERFEST Challenge, a contribution of $30 at the door for RFS or $45 for YPS will grant you access to this premiere advocacy and social event at RSNA!

For more information, contact Ted Burnes.

Election Scorecard

There were nine toss-up seats up in the Senate – which Trump won 8 of the 9 in 2016 (Clinton won Nevada) and Republican candidates won 6 of the 9 races (Dems held Montana and flipped Nevada – and Arizona is still uncalled). The Republicans held a slim 2 seat majority over Democrats before the election and increased their control of the majority by 3 seats (52 Republicans vs. 46 Democrats – 2 seats uncalled: Arizona and Mississippi special election)

Of the nine Senate toss-up seats, 4 will now be held by House members (Arizona: either Rep. McSally or Rep. Sinema, North Dakota: Rep. Cramer, Nevada: Rep. Rosen, and Tennessee: Rep. Blackburn)

House Democrats needed a 23 seat margin to recapture the majority and as of Nov. 8 they have flipped 28 seats giving them back control of the lower chamber. Thirty Republican incumbents lost to Democrats in the House, 19 of the seats were won by Clinton in 2016. Fifteen seats are still uncalled. Current composition for the new Congress starting in January is 223 Democrats vs. 197 Republicans (obviously 218 needed for control of the House).

Between the House and Senate, roughly 20% of the next Congress will be new.

RADPAC’s Election-Night Success

RADPAC supported nearly 100 general election races this election-cycle. Here’s the breakdown:

  • RADPAC supported 90 general election races in the House and 76 of those candidates won (84% success rate). Two races RADPAC supported are still not called.
  • RADPAC supported 7 general election races in the Senate and 6 of those candidates won (86% success rate).
  • RADPAC supported two candidates and two Members of Congress with independent expenditures (candidates Dr. Steve Ferrara for the House and Rep. Marsha Blackburn for the Senate, as well as Reps. Richie Neal and Frank Pallone for the House). Three of the four won their races for a 75% success rate (Dr. Ferrara lost)
  • RADPAC contributed nearly $2 million in this election-cycle to support pro-radiology Members of Congress and congressional candidates.

Radiologist Candidate Loses General Election

Dr. Steve Ferrara’s bid to become the first-ever radiologist elected to Congress fell short. Dr. Ferrara lost his race for Arizona’s 9th congressional district 59% to 40% (101,183 votes to 68,829 votes*). Dr. Ferrara’s vote total outperformed the 2014 Republican nominee in the last mid-term election in this congressional district. The final voter turnout in Arizona is expected to reach 65%, which would be the highest percent for a mid-term election in the state since 1982.

Here’s a list of the healthcare professionals in the upcoming 116th Congress.

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Read our 2017 Annual Report! Or check out our InfoGraph.

RADPAC's 2018 March Chapter Challenge

We have had another successful record breaking March Chapter Challenge.  Thanks to everyone that participated and made it another successful year. You can view the results here

Interested how RADPAC compares to other specialty PACs?  

MADPAC Receipts Rankings for 2018 Cycle as of 123117

Dr. Ferrara’s Congressional Candidacy Enjoys Record-Setting Start:

Washington, D.C.  (July 14, 2017) – Interventional radiologist Dr. Steve Ferrara has released his fundraising totals from his first quarter as a congressional candidate. In his first 8 weeks as a candidate, Dr. Ferrara raised $256,243 for his campaign and ended the fundraising quarter with more than $245,000 cash on hand. The amount raised by Dr. Ferrara in his first quarter is believed to be a record for a first time congressional candidate in the state of Arizona. In DC political circles, raising $200,000 per quarter is a threshold for a candidate’s viability. 

To read the full press release, click here.

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