Congrats to the 2016 Winners:

  • Div A:  Mississippi
  • Div B:  Kansas
  • Div C:  Colorado
  • Div D:  Pennsylvania

2016 Rules:

-    Only YPS contributors between October 1 – November 8 (election day!) will count.

 -   Minimum Contribution to count: $30.

 -   Much like March Madness, the states will compete within divisions based on chapter size.

 -   One YPS contributor from each of the 4 state chapters that win will be eligible to win a $100 Amazon Gift Card. Winning is based on # of contributors per state, not amount of money raised.

 -   Each state chapter that wins will also receive a contribution for $200 from RADPAC

-    All participants get complimentary admittance to the RADPAC event in Chicago: RSNA 2016 Invitation

Why donate to RADPAC?

"RADPAC is the voice for radiology on Capitol Hill working tirelessly to educate lawmakers on issues important to our specialty.  Your contributions to RADPAC increase the visibility and accessibility of the College to key lawmakers."

Madelene Lewis, M.D.

RADPAC Liaison for Young Physician Section

Congrats to the 2015 Winners:

  • Utah
  • South Carolina
  • Colorado
  • Pennsylvania

Congrats to the 2014 Winners:

An overwhelming 186 YPS members donated during RADtoberfest, many for their first time.  This puts the current contributors to RADPAC for the year at 536, just hitting the amount that donated in 2013, and putting the YPSers well on their way to reach their goal of 600 contributors in 2014.  And the winning state chapters that will receive $200 from RADPAC and winners of the $100 Amazon Gift Card include:
Division A Winner: Mississippi   
Individual winner: Dr. Kevin Waldrop, MD, CRS
Division B Winner: Louisiana        
Individual winner: Dr. Romney Miller, MD, MS, ARG
Division C Winner: Alabama         
Individual winner: Dr. W Petrey, MD, Birmingham Radiological Group
Division D Winner: California                       
Individual winner: Dr. Kimberly Bickell, MD, Whittier Breast Imaging