Congrats to the winners of the 2016 3rd Annual Resident vs. Attending RADTOBERFEST Challenge:

Chicago Reception:  All participants in RADToberfest are invited to join RADPAC complimentary for a two-hour open bar in Chicago, Illinois during RSNA at SPiN Chicago. Residents may contribute at the door, but the minimum requested donation will go up to $25!   RSNA 2016 Invitation

2016 Results:

For the third year in a row, the Residents rallied to beat the Attendings.  We had the most amount of Resident participation since we started RADTOBERFEST with 160 RFS donors!  The winning resident program is Eastern Virginia Medical School  - with a stunning 100% participation by all 16 residents.  The program with the most amount of contributors is the Medical College of Georgia at Augusta University

Runners up include:

  • Brookwood Baptist Health - Birmingham
  • MUSC
  • Emory
  • Florida Hospital
  • Univ of Vermont
  • UMMS – Baystate


  • $20 minimum from resident/$50 minimum from attending.
  • If Residents have more contributors, RADPAC will donate $500 to the RFS.
  • If Attendings have more contributors, RADPAC will host an ice cream social for Attendings at the 2017 Annual Meeting.
  • Resident Programs with the highest percentage of donors and most amount of donors will win a pizza party!

2015 Results:

The Residents barely won in 2015 – with 122 contributing residents and 107 contributing attendings it was a close race! 

Many schools deserve kudos, but the highest percentage with close to 100% goes to:Baptist Health System - Birmingham, AL, a second year in a row for them to win. 

The most amount of contributing residents from one program goes to the Medical University of South Carolina. 

And the attending program with the most amount of contributors is once again Montefiore out of New York.

2014 RADToberfest Residents vs Attendings Results:
Residents for the WIN!  In a huge win for the Residents, and with large increases over prior months, and many donating for their first time, the Residents had 156 donors contribute over $15 during RADToberfest.  Many programs were very active in participating in the challenge, and the winners of the pizza party goes to Mass General – with 14 contributing residents and Baptist Health System - Birmingham with 77% of its residents donating.  The attendings definitely rallied towards the end of the month, and ended up with 66 donors, but that was still short of the 166 the residents had for the win.  Special mention to Montefiore Medical Center for winning the attending challenge with 24 attendings participating in this challenge!  
The runners up for the Resident programs include:

1.       Montefiore Medical Center
2.       Emory
3.       University of Tennessee
4.       University of Mississippi
5.       Christiana Care Center
6.       Medical University of South Carolina
7.       UCLA
8.       University of Pennsylvania
9.       University of Pittsburgh Medical Center 

Chicago Reception:  All participants in RADToberfest are invited to join RADPAC complimentary for a two-hour open bar in Chicago, Illinois.