RADPAC March Madness

Stay tuned for more information on the soon to be renamed March RADPAC Campaign!  Any creative suggestions for the new campaign?  Please email Laura Henry at lhenry@acr.org. 

2017 Results:

Thanks to many of you, we had 895 donors give over $200k in March making this the most wildly successful record breaking March Campaign ever for RADPAC!  That's 159 more donors than any previous March Campaign.


Category A: Rhode Island

Category B: Utah

Category C:  South Carolina

Category D:  Virginia

For 2017, we have 300 more contributors than we did at this time in 2016! We also have raised $92,000 more in 2017 than we did at this time in 2016!

Thanks to everyone for their efforts!

Here are the results:



Rules for March Madness:

For the first round, which lasts from March 1 – 16, the chapter will earn 1 point for each NEW contributor for the year.

For subsequent one week rounds, March 17 – March 23 and March 24 – March 31, the points from the previous week(s) will carry over and new contributors each week will earn the chapter 2 points.

Contributors to RADPAC prior to March 1 will not be counted for the purposes of this tournament competition.

Brackets are based on ACR Chapter Size:  2017 March Madness Scorecard

Congrats to 2016 winning states including Rhode Island, Iowa, South Carolina and Wisconsin who each won $500!



Congrats to 2015 winning states including Arkansas, North Carolina, South Carolina and Wyoming who each received $500!





2016 March Madness Tournament Brackets


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2015 March Madness Tournament Brackets


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