RADPAC Annual Meeting Events


RADPAC Annual Meeting Events

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    RADPAC is gearing up for another exciting Annual Meeting! 

    RADPAC will host the Annual Reception for all RADPAC donors on Tuesday, May 23rd, 2017 from 5:00pm - 6:00pm at the Marriott Wardman Park Hotel.  This reception is open to all Annual Meeting attendees who donate to RADPAC, regardless of the amount.

    And, like in previous years, RADPAC will also host a RADPAC Thank You Gala for RADPAC contributors at the $1,000 level or higher.  We are excited to announce that this year's event will be held at 6pm on Tuesday, May 23rd, at the Zoo! It will be a fun evening celebrating RADPAC in style, featuring lions and tigers! Further details for all who RSVP or donate in advance.

    Please note that contributions made at the 2017 Annual Meeting will NOT be counted for invitational purposes to the exclusive RADPAC Thank You Dinner. If you plan to donate in person at the RADPAC Booth at the Annual Meeting you must RSVP by May 12th, 2017. If you have a record of giving on a periodic basis to RADPAC and choose that method again for 2017, this periodic contribution (as long as it is over $1000 for 2017) will also qualify you for this dinner. 

    Those who pledge/contribute at the $1,000 level or above will receive two tickets for this event – one for themselves and one for a guest. You must pick these tickets up at the RADPAC booth to gain admittance to the Zoo.

    For more information about these events please contact Laura Henry, at 1-888-295-8843 or lhenry@acr.org.

     Pictures from the 2016 RADPAC Reception and Gala featuring The Capitol Steps:


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